MICOPTICAL is the first Italian site dealing mostly with the optical instruments used. It is addressed to all those using scientific instruments for professional use, for passion or for collecting them. It contains a lot of pages dealing with the sale of fittings and instruments used, reconditioned, and perfectly working, as well as a lot of attachments. Moreover it searches on your behalf for material you are interested in.

MICOPTICAL has a specialised opticradial laboratory with more than 40 years' experience able to provide for help, repair, restoration, and design of any optical-mechanical fitting. It carries out connections of optical instrumens with CCD cameras in order to achieve the digitation of the images and the acquisition by computer.

MICOPTICAL is addressed to collectors as well. Collecting most often means to know the history of the technical-scientific evolution of instuments.
MICOPTICAL offers a space where publishing historical news, technical information, experiences, small scientific works concerning the various fields of microscopy.

MICOPTICAL moreover is in these days collaborating with a group of keen collectors of cinema and pre-cinema, for the construction of a big site wholly dealing with the glorious machines making its history. In a few days we will make the address public!