Importance of Dental Health

The possibility for cosmetic dentistry began quite recently. Cosmetic dentistry is the oral treatment to improve dental health as well as to improve the facial appearance of a person. With the increasing importance of media the number of celebrities opting for such treatments nowadays is widely known. Yet even for those of us who are not so much in the limelight, the treatment can help someone considerably by adding to his or her confidence and self-esteem. The makeover and reality shows on television have increased everyone’s awareness about what cosmetic dentistry is and how to access it.

Cosmetic dentistry has different categories for specific problems concerning the teeth. The main treatments involve, but are not limited to:

o Teeth whitening
Otherwise known as tooth bleaching, tooth whitening is a quite common procedure today. Here, discoloured or stained teeth are brightened and are made to look whiter.

o Veneers
Applying dental veneers is the procedure for transforming teeth that are worn out, crooked or damaged. Veneers are thin shells or laminates that are tooth coloured. They are attached to the front side of teeth to improve their appearance.

o Crowns
Crowns are meant for teeth that are cracked or brokenĀ Prodentim down. Crowns are applied right on top of the existing teeth, thus the name “crown”. Dental crowns increase the functionality of the weakened teeth by fortifying them. Crowns are made of either gold or porcelain. Tooth coloured porcelain is better for a natural appearance.

o Contouring
Contouring is the procedure for correcting teeth that are crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping. Contouring is the part of cosmetic dentistry that alters the length, shape or even position of the teeth.

o Gum reshaping
Gum reshaping involves the reshaping of the tissue underlying bones to give the impression of symmetrical or longer teeth. The gum line is raised or sculpted here by removing the extra gum using a scalpel or laser device. Gum reshaping is mainly to remove gums that cover too much of the teeth making them look short.